The Tobacco Protection Act of 2015

As I sit here trying (unsuccessfully) to work (so I can: Pay my debts, recover financially, do good, be productive, and provide for my family) when another plea to sign a critical petition to protect my rights to: (fill in the blank here.) This
time it’s about my right to vape, and to make and sell eLiquid. 3 years ago it was over something totally different and I still haven’t seen the end of the scorched earth of that battle. I keep reinventing myself over and over again, but can’t seem to find a way to survive and provide for self and family that isn’t deemed “illegal” eventually. If it helps people, saves lives, makes too much money or gets too much attention…it’s doomed. But we’ll go there another day…today…it’s all about vaping.
IMG_5121The article and petition that were sent my way are critical and so, my productive workday is once again derailed by my government trying to steal/shut down/cripple my chosen career and industry and so, I have spent an hour (next to Alex who has also spent the past hour copying/pasting & sharing) this plea to sign this petition and this critical informative article. I’m feeling exhausted by the constant mind-fuck of the question that keeps circling around my head and burning my brain:   Do “We the people” even exist anymore? Do “We the People” have to rise up and fight?  I believe the answer to all of those questions is “YES”, We definitely exist…and “YES”,  We must unify and fight for our rights or we simply won’t have them anymore. Our “unalienable” rights seem to be disappearing one by one. I suppose I notice more than most people because of the hell I’ve been walking through for the last 3 years.

I often wonder, if Facebook disappeared, would the masses suddenly
wake up from a dream-like state, look around and get seriously pissed off??  Or, would they go grab popcorn and turn on satellite TV and put it on ignore? Is everyone just numb and choosing distraction over seeing the truth?  I read a brilliant blog post today by Michael Siegel that concluded with:

“…FDA must be out of its mind. These deeming regulations should really be called “The Cigarette Protection Act of 2015.” The regulations are an embarrassment to public health. They create stringent requirements for electronic cigarettes, while allowing the much more toxic real cigarettes to remain on the market, unencumbered and unchallenged by competing products that are much safer and that could have otherwise transformed the nicotine freaking_outmarket away from combustible tobacco products, thus saving thousands of lives.

The regulations will decimate the e-cigarette industry, forcing thousands of small vapor shops and e-cigarette sellers out of business. This will no doubt result in many vapers returning to cigarette smokers and many potential quitters from trying to quit using these products….The regulations will also force e-cigarette companies and businesses to lie about the primary purpose and benefit of their products (an aspect of the regulations that I believe violates the free speech rights of the companies and could be successfully challenged in court).

Finally, the regulations do nothing to directly address the known hazards of electronic cigarettes to users, such as lack of battery safety which has resulted in battery explosions, and the presence of carcinogens like formaldehyde in the vapor which could have been prevented by setting standards for proper regulation of voltage and/or temperature.

I can only hope that the OIRA will disapprove the regulations, requiring major changes in the regulatory approach that bring it in line with the concept of public health. Otherwise, thousands of innocent people are going to be harmed in the short-term, and perhaps millions in the long-term.”

That excerpt comes from the article titled: FDA is Out of Its Mind: Deeming Regulations Should Be Called “The Cigarette Protection Act of 2015”; Regs are an Embarrassment to Public Health and Will Decimate the Vaping Industry Read More

12193875_10207704280105484_1293900565477354404_nWe need 17,00 more signatures on the petition to urge the President to reconsider the proposal being put forward by the FDA.
This “Tobacco Protection Act” will kill vaping as we all know it.
Take action today and sign this petition.
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With 9 million vapers in the US alone
It will be no problem gathering 100,000 signatures.

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