Little Rock Farmer’s Market

We made a trip to opening day of the Little Rock Farmer’s Market on Saturday May 2nd.  We did so after talking about it for over 5 years and now that Alex and I are eating Paleo and are both on the Whole30, we are eating ultimately more fresh veggies than we can keep in stock, our garden was just planted and D_Alex_LR_050215we committedly support local. I totally miscalculated our morning and family obligations (typical) so, we got there around 2:45pm and found out it “closes” at 3 (not 5pm as I had estimated.) so we only did a portion of the market – however, what we got to see was chock full of fabulous!

We were there til well-after 5pm (because as anyone with a booth-based sidewalk/festival business knows…you don’t close til the last people leave if you want to make extra money.  As Alex and I were jewelry and craft vendors for many years, we often made the most money during the last hour of the last day (when everyone else was closed)…because people come late or wait to make purchases to see everything before they buy “something” and if you are the last booth standing – your something is simply the something they’re buying!  We IMG_1320stumbled upon a few amazing and very cool vendors with super high-quality stuff for great (last hour of the market) prices.

We bought our veggies first and then headed down to the top hippie attraction of the day; Mr Bamboo.  This guy quite literally taught us everything we ever wanted to know about bamboo and then some. We’re getting in touch with him this week to schedule a time to wander a bamboo forest and learn exponentially more.  Our fascination with bamboo came from Bali Indonesia where it grows in major abundance and people are building actual full-on homes out of the amazing (constantly self-replenishing) grass.  It’s brilliant stuff.  You can eat it, build your house with it, landscape with it…the uses are endless…and it’s a grass so you can cut it down and it grows right back!

IMG_1256We walked to Riverfront Steak House (after yelping and finding Whole30 compliant meals we opted for steak and after choking on some of the prices, some of the steakhouses were asking – $60+ for a ribeye?? Please!) We found our location over the river bridge – with AMAZING service, great steak and a totally accommodating staff for our dietary restrictions. The best part of our chosen dinner (time and location) was the walk back over the Arkansas River bridge.

It was one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve experienced in a very long time. Td_sunset_best_LR050215here were a ton of fantastic quotes in the movie “Wild” with Reese Witherspoon but this one strikes me for the moment:

‘There’s a sunrise and a sunset every day, and you can choose to be there for it — you can put yourself in the way of beauty.”  

I find myself getting lost in sunsets again.  There’s nothing like letting myself get drawn into their beauty, and up and out of my mitote (me-toe-tay: Described in The Four Agreements as the cacophony of voices in your head. See below.) Alex and I have a pinky-swear agreement to stop everything we’re doing and take the time to be with each other (whether we are together or apart physically), in totally zen space, watching it set.

I am also very grateful to sunset for the gift of being able to dump my baggage (on one of life’s less than perfect days) into that big ball of fire at the end of each day and watch it extinguish into darkness. I often hear the voice of one of my very dear friends (that I haven’t had the honor of speaking to in far too longsaying “When you have a truly lousy day D, just remember…you’ll never have to live through that one again.”

Back to Little Rock…

d_LR_templeguardiand_HULee_exitWe decided to find some good live music, so we googled what was happening and found what we were looking for at Club Rev, so we walked back over the bridge, feeling nourished, relaxed and happy.  We stumbled on a very cool garden space that reminded us of Thailand on our way to the music.  It was a groovy little space that was well-thought-out and felt totally zen and isolated from the hustle and bustle on the city street right beyond it’s very cool, authentic gate.

Until next time,  Peace…xo