The Whole 30

I found the Whole30 and it’s been a game-changer for me.

A little history: I have had fibromyalgia that was diagnosed after a battle with Lymes Disease and have fought an uphill battle against severe chronic pain on a daily basis (since 1993) so crippling fatigue added to FMS, Osteoarthritis, TMJ, tendonitis, bursitis and every other “itis” out there…and I came to a place where eating fistfuls of prescription drugs & “dealing with it”/”sucking it up”/”putting it on ignore” inevitably became out of the question.  I was just saying “NO MORE.” No more to all of the meds…NO MORE to all of the little black pieces of tape stuck over the oil light on my body’s dashboard! I have embarked on the pharmaceutical journey through hell of long-term chronic pain management twice and had to go off said long-term pain management twice and it has totally sucked both times. I have also gone off Depo Provera twice and gained 30lbs in less than 6 weeks both times (which also sucked…but in a radically different way) and after a life time of doctors and prescriptions that led to more doctors and prescriptions – I’ve taken a different route.  The other one was way to cyclical for me.  I’m not into the “side effects include death” option unless it’s my last option anymore.

Over the past couple of years I have gone on Master Cleanse repeatedly and every time I did, I felt better when I didn’t eat
any food (but I was starving and nutritionally depriving my body repeatedly – which I knew I couldn’t sustain.) But knowing I felt better without food led me to the conclusion that at least a significant portion of my problems were directly related to food.

Let’s call them allergies for now. I’m not totally sure what these reactions were to (yet), but what I can say is, I was medication-free and pain-free in Asia for over a year. I lived primarily on the Candida diet over there…and consumed no dairy to speak of (because they don’t really have dairy in Asia, nor do they offer dairy substitutes.)  I still experienced serious GI reactions to foods on a semi-regular basis but had no method of figuring out which ones because when a plate of food was served to me in different countries, I simply ate it. Alex and I would watch my gut expand like I had a bicycle pump blowing air up my ass (I wish I was kidding), many times after I would eat a meal I would waddle out of there looking 7 months pregnant and have to wait for the mega-bloat to dissipate over the next several hours, but we didn’t get what was causing it.  Because my pain was totally in-check, we simply chalked it up to a laughable phenomena and w
nt about our daily routine…and avoided anything that required deep breaths for the rest of that day.

I went off of Depo Provera permanently (finally) last August (2014) and for the second time in my life (unrelated to Nothing_tastes_as_Good_as_Skinny_Feelspregnancy) I blew up 30 lbs in under 6 weeks time doing so.  Everything is simply more challenging at 47 than it ever was ta 27…so, by the time I was tilting the scale at 185.7 I was freaking out.  I gave birth to my daughters at that weight…and I wasn’t toting any other human beings around in my belly this time. I am not a major primper (duh), but I do care enough about my health, physical appearance and the stress on my joints and the systems of my body (which have enough  to deal with) that I do not wish to add obesity to my laundry list of health-related issues.  So, when my dear friend (and massage therapist) Sarah asked me if I’d seen or read anything about “The Whole 30” and my answer was “No. What is it?” She explained it was an elimination diet and that she knew a lot of people were loving it and that she thought it could really help me out.  I hopped off her table and went right to my iPhone and googled, Pinterested and then subsequently “Amazoned” 🙂 and I found more and more information on this program and I was all in!  I broke down, grabbed my kindle and bought the ebook and I spent the day reading up on what the Whole 30 actually was.

No_This_Yes_That_Whole30It’s Paleo minus: corn, grains, sugar, any form of sweetner, legumes, peanuts, soy, MSG, carrageenan and lectin(and a few
other things I might be missing so I will defer to their site for details) and what I found was nothing short of a miracle.  I got it! I’ve been doing it with my new grandson Liam whose system is pure – introducing new foods to him one at a time and watching for reactions. This is exactly the same concept for adults.  First, purify the system (get rid of all of it) – clean slate.  Then…add things back (one at a time in isolated fashion) to figure out
what DOESN’T work for YOU!
I know…it sounds tough – but I was committed.  If you think it’s too hard for you…let me help with this fantastic quote I read in their book’s intro:

“This is not hard.  Beating cancer is hard.  Losing a child is hard.  This…is NOT hard.”  

They were right.  I can do anything for 30 days.  The most amazing thing was, I dropped 10lbs in the first week. (Not allowed to look at the scale…I cheated and started back on Day 1) I could taste food again.  I tasted the natural sugar in Raw Organic Cashew nuts.  It was crazy.

I’ve lost 30+lbs since I started eating this way and Alex has lost 35+ and we’re going strong. I couldn’t have done it without Pintrest.

Check out my Whole30 board for recipes (I literally add more daily): Follow Dawn’s board Whole 30 Recipes on Pinterest.
And get the book – I downloaded their recommended ebook for kindle It Starts with Food  and I was off and running shopping the lists at the grocery store.

The plateaus and cravings can be tough to get through some days – I won’t lie to you…some days are a real bitch!
ex-whole-30-day-5But we’ve been on the Whole30 (for like a whole 90+) and just keep starting over again on Day 1.  A few times were because of little things like; finding out we were taking a supplement whose capsule was made from rice flour instead of gelatin – or not checking one mustard label (which contained added sugar) which has been very frustrating at times…but…results are often harsh…and ALWAYS fair and this food is nourishing and healthy AND our bodies are dumping toxins and melting excess FAT – SO…if it’s the Whole 120, the Whole 365 or the Whole REST OF MY LIFE, as long as it works…I’m in!  (Before and Afters to follow – soon) 🙂



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